The Book

Dr. Pa, the world famous scientist, is missing. Vanished without a trace from his castle in the faraway Cape Hope islands.

It’s now up to young Haan and his trusted fur kick Bingo Star to rescue grandpa. He has plenty to work with - grandpa has left him with clues, potions and a rather odd set of friends : a pirate, fairy and space creature.

Can a 7 year old navigate the mysterious Cape Hope islands that are strung together in the shape of a giant ship anchor? Can he trust his new friends? Are they strong enough to combat an ambitious alien commander and his dangerous army of gangster hippos and wild crocodiles?

Join Haan in this magical adventure where he learns to conquer his fear, listen to his heart and untap his inner super powers.

Haan & Friends


    Best Friends Forever


    Who is this mystery space creature with grandpa?


    Are they friends or foe?

Mean Villains


    Willy Croc Thug


    Super Mean - Super Villain


    Hippo Gangster

About Authors

Vihaan is a 7 year old who daydreams of Captain GulGul during the day. Unknown to the world, he is a secret zoologist by the night. Between day & night, he also finds time to be a cartoonist.

Vivek is Vihaan’s dad. He earns a living by selling tall tales to adults through his corporate job. With his first book, he is moving one step closer to his childhood dream. Of telling tall tales to children.

They live in San Francisco Bay Area, CA.

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